about FORM

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How we started

We are a team of industrial designers and engineers from California who love spending time outdoors. Hitting the road, setting up camp and going on an adventure is what brings us energy and joy.

Our journey to building FORM began in 2018 when we purchased a sprinter to customize into a camper van. This process gave us insight into the great possibilities of what a camper could be. Sprinter camper vans generally cost well over 6 figures and unless you're ready to live out of your van on a more permanent basis, most of them end up being used in limited ways. That got us thinking that there were opportunities to modernize and make the camper experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

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Where we are today

The pandemic changed a lot of things. It made us appreciate and want to spend more time with loved ones and the outdoors. It accelerated our desire to create a camper experience that you could comfortably enjoy and also easily detach from your daily driver.

We started with a blank canvas and designed what we envisioned as the perfect modern day camper. Innovative yet functional, roomy yet compact. We're excited to welcome you to FORM. Sign up for our newsletter for our latest announcements.