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When will the FORM camper begin to ship?

We expect the FORM camper will ship in the latter half of 2022. Reserved purchasers will have first view of the final prototype and first access to shipment.

Is the FORM camper easily detachable?

Yes, one of the unique designs of our camper is that it is fully detachable and self-standing. That way, you can drive to your next destination camper-free when you desire and attach the camper back to your truck at ease.

Does my purchase come with a warranty?

Yes, every purchase comes with a 5 year warranty that covers malfunctions but does not cover damage caused by mishandling of the camper.

How much fresh water storage and usage capacity will I have?

50 gallons of water storage and 100 gallons of usage capacity with our reserve osmosis water filtration system.

How will the FORM camper be delivered?

FORM will ship freight directly to your home at no additional cost.

How many watts does the solar array support?

FORM's solar array will support at least 400 watts.

Is my preorder deposit fully refundable?

Yes, your preorder deposit is fully refundable at any point. We will reach out to finalize purchase of the camper when FORM is ready to ship.

Is the camper design final?

The specs and features of the camper are estimates and are subject to change. Finalized production specs and features will be announced when prototyping is complete.

Does the FORM camper have its own battery?

Yes, the FORM camper comes with an optional battery, especially useful for non-electric pickup truck owners so that your solar energy can keep the battery charged.

Does my purchase come with the cassette toilet? Can the toilet be removed?

Yes, your purchase will include a cassette toilet unless you prefer to purchase your own. We will finalize the cassette toilet selection once prototyping is complete.

Can you keep items stored inside the FORM camper when fully compressed?

Yes, the camper is designed so that you can keep your items stored when the camper is fully compressed.

How will the weight of the camper impact the range of my pickup truck?

With our industry-leading dry weight of approximately 1000lbs, we expect the FORM camper to impact the range of your pickup truck by less than 5%.