FORM features

Details that make a difference.

Indoor & Outdoor Kitchen

The camper kitchen of your dreams - seamlessly compatible with indoor and outdoor use. A memorable setting to cook, relax and enjoy delicious food.

Spacious & Comfortable

Cramped space? Not with us. Our 195 square feet of indoor and outdoor dry space transforms into a comfortable living area, kitchen and bathroom.

Industry-Leading Dry Weight

Every detail was thought through to optimize for industry-leading dry weight. Approximately 1000 lbs for an easy ride and minimal drag.

Pickup Truck Compatibility

F150, Silverado, Cybertruck, you name it. Our camper is compatible with most pickup trucks (5.8ft, 6.5ft and 8ft) and fits into your truck bed. 

Detachable & Free Standing Design

Simply detach from your camper when you want to drive to your next destination camper-free. Designed for flexibility and stability.

Solar-Powered "Off The Grid"

FORM's solar arrays provide 400 watts of power, enabling an off the grid and environmental friendly experience.

Quality Appliances, Cookware & Furniture

Best-in-class appliances, cookware and furniture - featuring a NEBIA shower, Dometic fridge and stove and high-end cookware. No DIY here.

Carbon Fiber Shell

Our carbon fiber shell with aluminum honeycomb provides maximum strength and durability while keeping the camper low weight.

100 Gallons of Fresh Water Usage

Reverse osmosis water filtration enables 2X water storage to usage, providing 100 gallons of water usage on 50 gallons of storage.

Optimal Airflow & Temperature

A fan on top and below the camper allows airflow that can manage both hot and cold air based on outside temperature. Stay warm or keep cool.

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